Leveraging Surveys and Calls to Measure the Health of a Cybersecurity Brand

Tracking Purchasing Habits and Usage Trends of a Cybersecurity Company


A team at a consulting firm wanted to measure the health of a recently acquired cybersecurity company. They needed to gain a better understanding of the cybersecurity landscape overall.

They also wanted to understand usage and trends across each service offering by hearing from the company’s current customers.

The GLG Approach

GLG connected the client team with 15 experts with backgrounds in cybersecurity for consultations. Those calls helped the team understand the broader cybersecurity landscape and gave them initial thoughts from the customer perspective.

With that base of understanding, the client identified key themes to explore further. To reach more perspectives quickly, they partnered with GLG to run a survey to 50 customers of cybersecurity offerings who could deliver insight into usage and pain points.


The client team used the insights from 15 calls to inform their survey. They then followed up with six blinded survey respondents to better understand their responses. They used these insights to evaluate the health of a company and identify areas of future usage and expansion within their offerings.

Why GLG?

A client team conducted expert calls to understand the cybersecurity landscape, as well as a survey to better understand voice of customer, and leveraged blinded follow-up calls to track nuances in survey trends.

Project Breadth:

15 expert calls
One survey with 50 respondents
Six follow-up calls with blinded survey respondents

Precise Matches:

GLG had a strong bench of customers who could speak to the nuances of the cybersecurity industry and the product offerings of the target company.

Dedicated Surveys Team:

GLG managed in-house programming of the client’s survey draft and supplied the panel. The client team received round-the-clock support and seamless project management.

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