Developing Business Case for a New Manufacturing Facility

Determine Commercial Viability in an Opaque Market


An upstream industrial metals manufacturer was planning the construction of a new facility. They worked with GLG to conduct an independent market report that could convince potential financiers that the project was commercially viable. The report would encompass supply-and-demand history and forecasts, pricing history and forecasts, and an overview of stakeholders, including producers, sellers, and buyers.

The GLG Solution

GLG finds the hard-to-find experts. In this case, the team found two experts with deep scientific and technical expertise in the client’s products, as well as market research and analytical skills.

They conducted 10 in-depth interviews over 15 hours with industry stakeholders, including buyers and distributors, while running a quantitative survey of 50 buyers.

This two-pronged approach led to deep qualitative insights that delved into the “whys and hows” backed up with robust quantitative data.


In seven weeks, the team compiled a comprehensive, unbiased 70-page report that highlighted several challenges and threats, but those were outweighed by strengths and opportunities.

The client then shared the report with potential financiers to support their business case for developing the new manufacturing facility.

Why GLG?

GLG experts conducted qualitative and quantitative research in this specialized market to compile an independent report to build a business case while offering myriad new insights for the client.

Deep Technical Expertise

Despite the scarcity of information about the client’s industry, GLG was able to form a project team that possessed the relevant expertise and top-tier market assessment skills.

Network and Reach

The client operates in a highly specialized space. Yet GLG through its industry-leading network was able to conduct a quantitative survey with 50 buyers, and facilitate 10 in-depth interviews with senior industry stakeholders.

Confidence in Quality

The GLG Integrated Insights team, made up of experienced top-tier management consultants, oversaw the project end to end to ensure a high level of quality throughout the process.

Let us start helping you today

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