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Transforming how consulting firms and agencies work across a project lifecycle, from winning business to supporting clients.

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GLG is a professional learning platform. We pair top professionals with our Council Members - more than 600,000 leading experts - thousands of times a week.

You Have Questions

Understanding a market, testing a strategy, or generating an idea

We Find You Expertise

Former C-level operating executives, former top-tier strategy consultants, and thought leaders from around the world

You Get Solutions

Phone consultations, surveys and analysis, meetings, custom solutions, learning and development programs, and the GLG Institute

Who We Serve

Consulting & Advisory Firms

We work with the world’s top management consulting companies and boutique consulting firms of all types and sizes. The firms we service include strategy consulting firms, healthcare consulting firms, audit firms, restructuring/turnaround firms, and more.

Advertising & PR Agencies

Our advertising and public relations clients include major holding companies and independent agencies that provide advertising, public relations, brand strategy, digital marketing, and design and innovation services.

Market Research Firms

Leading market research firms use GLG to expand their core domain expertise while also helping clients explore and tap into adjacent new market and product opportunities.

Featured Client

Turi McKinley, frog design

Turi McKinley helps lead frog’s design research practice as the Executive Director of frogCamp. McKinley and her colleagues at frog rely on extensive and constant research to inform, inspire, and realize their projects – from reimagining banking to advancing digital transformation. They engage experts across fields and value chains to discover ideas and concepts they never knew they needed to think about. Hear why McKinley and frog approach design as “problem-solving through making."



115,000 +


  • 普通及专科医药
  • 药用配方
  • 医疗设备
  • 美国 Medicare/Medicaid 计划
  • 药店
  • 医疗保健资讯科技
  • 医院供应链

110,000 +


  • 移动/无线科技
  • 半导体
  • 软件
  • 硬件
  • 网络电话
  • 媒体串流(音频/视频)
  • 全球定位系统

108,000 +


  • 土木工程
  • 石油和天然气
  • 液体天然气
  • 太阳能
  • 发电厂
  • 水电
  • 石棉

100,000 +


  • 汽车
  • 零售
  • 酒店
  • 酒精
  • 营利性教育
  • 线上游戏
  • 营养补充品

65,000 +


  • 银行业
  • 证券交易
  • 公司重组
  • 尽职调查
  • 风险管理
  • 住房抵押担保证券
  • 保险
  • 房地产投资信托

23,000 +


  • 法律理论与奖学金
  • 损毁经济学
  • 国际规例
  • 统计
  • 专利估值
  • 专业责任
  • 事故重建

18,000 +


  • 商业地产
  • 住宅房地产
  • 建筑工程
  • 地产发展
  • 建筑材料

9,700 +


  • 企业财务及会计
  • 企业管治
  • 税务
  • 法医会计
  • 审计
  • 一般公认会计原则
  • 精算学

How GLG Professional Services Firms Can Help You

GLG Professional Services Firms provides clients extensive solutions at all levels of expert engagement:

Phone Engagements

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One-on-one phone conversations with experts.

  • Establish quick understanding of topics
  • Validate or dismiss existing hypotheses

Workshops/On-site Visits

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On-site meetings with one or more experts.

  • Create “wow” interactions for execs & clients
  • Facilitate high-impact working sessions
  • Formulate and test ideas with experts on-site


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B2B sampling of expert opinions.

  • Collect and format multiple expert opinions
  • Solicit feedback in a blinded environment

Talent on Demand

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Strategic placements of experienced consultants on your team.

  • Place the right talent on your team for day-to-day needs
  • Empower your team by adding industry and functional expertise
  • Expand your ability to staff projects when employee resources are limited

Learning & Development Programs

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Examples include programmed travel & on-site conference facilitation.

  • Customize learning programs that deliver insights tailored to your team’s needs

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Value Delivered to Professional Services Firms

New Business Support

Enhance category expertise during the pitch process to demonstrate genuine industry understanding and win new business.

Thought Leadership

Collaborate with industry executives and leading academics to gain strategic insight and develop thought leadership pieces.

Client Initiatives

Test ideas and strategic initiatives to bolster conviction before presenting to clients.

Internal Learning & Development

Create timely and relevant learning content designed and delivered for your team’s unique needs.

Featured Council Member

Rich Fante, Former President and CEO, US at AstraZeneca

Our global network of over 600,000 experts includes the likes of Rich Fante, the former President and CEO, US at AstraZeneca. He is currently President and Founder at RF Consulting. In this video he discuss how trends in the pharmaceutical industry and drug development are impacting healthcare more broadly.

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