GLG’s award-winning program provides pro bono GLG services to nonprofits around the world. Employees nominate organizations, staff projects, and deliver impact – with GLG covering all the costs.

Honored by Fast Company’s
World Changing Ideas Awards

In 2023, over 250 GLG employees leveraged GLG Partners, facilitating nearly 500 expert conversations for 127 organizations around the world.

GLG Partners has enabled organizations to execute projects on a wide diversity of issue areas, including:

  • Cancer research and family support
  • Clean water access
  • COVID-19 vaccine access
  • Digital literacy
  • Disability awareness and support
  • Education access
  • Environmental conservation
  • Female health and wellness
  • Fighting bullying
  • Gender equality
  • Judicial reform
  • Legal support for low-income families
  • LGBTQIA+ rights
  • Life skills training
  • Migrant rights
  • Organ donation
  • Pollution reduction
  • Rainforest preservation
  • Refugee mental health
  • Reintegration of the formerly incarcerated
  • Social justice
  • Veteran aid
  • Youth mental health
  • Youth sports
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Examples of Our Recent Impact
Girls Love Mail

Girls Love Mail is a U.S.-based volunteer organization that collects and shares hand-written letters of encouragement to women newly diagnosed with breast cancer. Girls Love Mail was nominated for GLG Partners by GLG’s Women+ Diversity Network, which has previously hosted letter writing events for the organization, and focused their project on their global expansion strategy. The organization needed guidance on which healthcare systems in their target countries would be best suited for partnerships (e.g., doctor’s offices, hospital systems, and NGOs) – and after speaking with a custom-recruited GLG expert in New Zealand, Girls Love Mail decided to begin their expansion there and are now fully operational in the country. As Girls Love Mail’s founder shared, “Girls Love Mail is officially global thanks to GLG!”

Humanity Crew

Humanity Crew provides first-response mental health interventions to refugees and people in crisis. GLG supported Humanity Crew as they extended their mental health services to new regions and areas most affected by COVID-19. To help Humanity Crew gain insights into disaster relief logistics, potential partners, and data collection methods, GLG connected them with an international emergency field operations team member at a leading humanitarian organization, as well as a conflict and crisis specialist with experience advising government bodies, international organizations, and NGOs. Consultations with GLG experts allowed Humanity Crew to make their expansion strategy more targeted and cost effective, better account for COVID-19’s impact, and fine-tune the structure of their field teams for future missions.

The Nesbitt Centre

Update to: The Nesbitt Centre is a Hong Kong-based nonprofit that empowers individuals with learning disabilities to live independently, through vocational education and social skills programs. The Nesbitt Centre was nominated for GLG Partners by a Hong Kong GLG employee, who first discovered the nonprofit through a support group for parents of children with special educational needs. GLG helped The Nesbitt Centre scope and refine their research into expansion strategies before connecting them with three GLG experts with experience at global e-learning platforms. The calls empowered the organization to move forward with their expansion, and The Nesbitt Centre’s Executive Director even visited GLG’s Hong Kong office to share the impact of the calls and thank the GLG team for their hard work.

Rainforest Partnership

Rainforest Partnership is an international nonprofit that conserves and restores tropical rainforests by working directly with local communities to create economic opportunities rooted in sustainable practices. As they expand their scope, and as the urgency of their mission increases, Rainforest Partnership needed guidance on identifying, establishing, and scaling agreements for corporate financial support. GLG connected Rainforest Partnerships with five experts in philanthropy, environmental consulting, and supply chains who helped them understand how to stand out to companies looking to donate to worthy environmental causes and how to become a partner of choice for corporations looking to make an impact in forest conservation. This guidance from GLG experts is helping Rainforest Partnership formulate an effective plan and strategy for engaging with corporations to create impactful partnerships, leading to their goal of net zero deforestation by 2030.

Step Up to Justice

Step Up to Justice is a free full-service civil legal center for low-income individuals and families in Pima County, Arizona. The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the need for legal support for people in poverty – for example, as federal and state eviction moratoriums are lifted, many families are being pulled into litigation with landowners over owed rent, but lack access to both informational resources about their rights and representation. GLG connected Step Up to Justice with experts to help the organization increase awareness of their services. One expert, the director of marketing and communications at a large West Coast nonprofit, not only shared their insights through a phone consultation, but also prepared an in-depth marketing plan that included an updated fundraising calendar, messaging suggestions for the organization’s website, and materials for a planned op-ed article.

In the words of GLG employees…

“I felt I was able to help this wonderful organization grow by connecting them with experts they would have never spoken with otherwise. Seeing how willing experts in our network are to help was a wonderful experience I will never forget.” – Austin employee

“Working on Social Impact projects is a great reminder that we are doing something meaningful and making the world better.” – Dublin employee

“Having the executive director come in-person to thank us for our hard work and explain the value of what we did was heartwarming. It’s great that we can help in such a positive and real way.” – Hong Kong employee

“I have some close family and friends who have been impacted by breast cancer, so to work on a project close to my heart was very special.” – Sydney employee

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