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Senior Advanced Analytics and Insights Analyst

Experience Level: Mid

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Job Summary


We are seeking a Senior Advanced Analytics & Insights Analyst to join our Advanced Analytics team. You will be taking on a highly visible role, responsible for partnering with senior-executive level stakeholders to provide them with data driven insights that will drive key strategic business decisions for GLG’s business in the America’s. This includes creating and delivering repeatable, automated analyses to help key decision makers understand their business to ensure decisions are backed by information and insight derived from a wide variety of sources. You will blend data mining capabilities and a variety of analytical/scientific approaches to translate complex business questions into actionable insight.


The Advanced Analytics team is the part of our finance team that helps translate complex business questions into actionable insight using strong data mining, statistical testing and hypothesis-driven research skills.


Specific responsibilities include (but are not limited to):


  • Support the advanced analytics team in querying (SQL) and cleaning pertinent data
  • Investigate tangible metrics that can measure corporate impact (Python)
  • Explore and visualize data to provide simplified clarity and understanding (Plotly or other library)
  • Develop domain expertise regarding the location, nuance, and assumptions associated with how our data is recorded, stored, and interpreted
  • Distill insights from measurements, and generate compelling visualizations to tell the story behind the data
  • Explore and introduce data enriching to our existing data sources to enhance current and future analyses


An ideal candidate will have the following:


  • At least 2 years of professional experience analyzing, visualizing, and performing ad-hoc data analysis
  • Must have an understanding of and experience with using analytical concepts and statistical techniques including…
    • Hypothesis development
    • Designing tests/experiments
    • Analyzing data
    • Drawing statistically-defensible conclusions
    • Developing actionable recommendations
  • The ability to interpret results and communicate articulately, clearly, and succinctly is required
  • Functional competency with Python or R, as well as SQL is required
  • Experience with enterprise Business Intelligence tool (Tableau, Power BI, Looker, Qlikview) is preferred
  • Experience working with and mastering highly disparate global B2B data is preferred
  • Must have a desire to learn and grow technical skills


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