Who We Are

GLG is driven by the curiosity of approximately 1,400 employees around the world who are transforming the way the top professionals share expertise and learn.

Soon after its founding in 1998 GLG began connecting top professionals across fields and around the country. Over time, we became a membership of leading experts providing business decision-makers with insights to create better, more informed outcomes.

Today, we are the world’s largest membership network for one-on-one professional learning, comprising more than 500,000 thought leaders and practitioners, including business leaders, scientists, academics, former public sector leaders, and the foremost subject matter specialists. We serve users at more than 1,400 client companies in 40 countries. These clients include Fortune 500 companies in nearly every sector and the leading professional services firms and financial institutions.

GLG’s industry-leading compliance framework allows clients to learn in a structured, auditable, and transparent way, consistent with their own internal compliance obligations and the highest professional ethical standards. Our compliance standards are a major competitive differentiator and key component of the company’s culture.

GLG is headquartered in New York with 22 offices globally and 1,400 employees.

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Our Mission in Action

GLG’s professional learning model extends beyond our Council Membership, and into the social sector and executive mentorship. Find out more:

This initiative applies the GLG model to the social sector to advance the learning and decision-making of nonprofit and social enterprise leaders by connecting them to our 500,000 Council Members.

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GLG Institute helps accomplished executives accelerate their careers with experience-based insights from prominent leaders and CEOs through individual and group conversations.

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Our CEO on the Future of Professional Learning

More than fifteen years ago we started GLG to help investors make better decisions and in the process transformed the way equity research gets done. Today, more than a million projects later, we have a broader mission – to transform the way all top professionals share expertise and learn about strategic and operational challenges.

Our mission and values make GLG not only a great place to work but also an essential business partner. Tens of thousands of professionals have joined us in our mission and that number continues to grow. We envision a whole new marketplace for peer-to-peer learning.

— Alexander Saint-Amand, CEO

Management Team

Alexander Saint-Amand
Chief Executive Officer

Evan Auyang
Head of Asia-Pacific and Managing Director

Will Ballard
Chief Technology Officer

Bart Catalane
Chief Financial Officer

Paul Ciraolo
Managing Director, Europe, Middle East, and Africa

Elizabeth Grausam
Head of Corporate Markets

Laurence Herman
General Counsel and Managing Director

Giacomo Iacoangeli
Head of Strategy

Kimberly Niehaus
Head of Talent Development and Learning

Jonathan Scott
Chief Compliance Officer

James Sharpe
Head of North American Financial Services and Managing Director

Richard Socarides
Head of Public Affairs

Melinda Wolfe
Global Head of Human Resources

Michael Yoo
Head of Council Management

Board of Directors